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Hedge Sales has been compiling a lot of detailed data covering thousands of different hedge funds all over the world. The main focus is to deliver solutions that are empowering, dependable, comprehensive and focused on value. We want to help provide our customers with the most detailed hedge fund list on the market. It’s very important for us to push the boundaries and ensure that everyone receives the utmost results and value.

What makes our list unique is that we cover everything from the boutique hedge funds to multi-billion dollar funds. We research everything in-house and we always keep the list updated. That means everything is accurate and to the point, comprehensive and very professional. The price is also discounted, all while making sure you have the ultimate value and quality for the money!

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Our hedge fund lists are always updated to include relevant content. On top of that, these include up to 4 executive contacts, website URL, phone, address, firm name and fax info, hedge fund strategies, contact emails, number of employees and asset under management info. We always make sure that the information is correct, so you never have to worry about any possible issues.

Very easy to use

In order to keep things simple, we always ensure that the lists are offered in the XLS and CSV formats. That makes them very easy to search, filter and sort data the way you want. You can also upload all the info to the desired contact management system of your choosing.

Instant downloads

With our help, you gain immediate access to the information you seek. All you have to do is to complete the checkout and then you will have direct access to the list download. We also send a download link via email as well. This helps you find the right hedge fund within the list and you can get in touch with them in just a few minutes.

Free updates

Our service delivers 12 months of free updates. We work closely with you and every 30 to 60 days you will have a fully updated list that includes the newly launched hedge funds, as well as any changes to the current ones like new contact info or more emails. We believe that static, updated lists are the future, no one wants to have an outdated list with little to no information.

Best prices

It’s very important for us to help you acquire your hedge fund list while also making sure that prices are kept low at all times. What makes our approach great is that every list is separated via strategy, region and country. This way you can get the information you need at a very good price. You don’t have to overspend and pay thousands for something you don’t need. We make it easy for you to narrow down and access only the stuff that matters to you!



Super hedge fund directory. Information is well organized and fresh. Covers most of the industry with few, if any, meaningful exceptions. Phenomenal information for the price.

Alex C


I was looking for a job as a hedge fund Analyst. The emails included in the list I purchased made it incredibly easy to get in contact with HR people directly in a way I never could on job boards. What an amazing resource. Oh, and I love the free updates!

Maya D

Job Seeker

Truly fantastic lists for prospecting. We had purchased a list of hedge funds from a different company, and the information from HedgeLists far exceeded our previous experience.

Emma L

Fund Manager


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